Google launches Keep note taking service, syncs across all your android devices and the web

By on March 21st, 2013 at 11:37 AM | Computing Mobiles

Google Keep Note Taking

Google’s Keep note taking service leaked over at Drive a few days back and now it has officially been unveiled. The service is pretty barebones at the moment, it allows you to create notes on the web or your android smartphone which are synced to Google Drive. Android 4.2.2 also gets a lockscreen widget to access the service even faster. 

At present its clearly an alternative to Evernote, but what remains to be seen is what Google will do with the service. If in the coming months, Google is planning to integrate the service with Google Task, Calendar, Mail and other services, we might have a killer ecosystem which Evernote will never be able to replicate.

Here’s an introductory video explaining the various features of Google Keep:

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