Harrison Ford set to reprise his role as Han Solo in upcoming Star Wars flick.

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Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Alright, so we are all Star Wars fans here. Last week it was confirmed that J.J. Abrams will take the helm of Star Wars Episode VII and now we are hearing that Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Han Solo, albeit a much older version in the new movie. 

The details came from Latino Review, which although is not a huge media outlet but has some credibility when it comes to breaking stories. El Mayimbe of Latino Review told Fox News Latino that

His deal is done, it’s just a formality right now, they haven’t really announced it yet.

But we must take this news with a grain of salt as the movie is still in very early stages of development, where even the script hasn’t been finalized yet. Therefore, it would be impossible to tell whether Harrison Ford will make a comeback in the series, and given that he does would he be an integral part of the story or just play a cameo. We’ll keep updating you as we get more information.

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