Is Your Web Host really running Your Web Hosting plan?

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Web Hosting Plans

Owing to a massive web hosting sector, choosing the best web hosting provider can be a tedious task. Every domain provider claims to jazz up your online business with their own unique and best hardware, configurations and 24x7x365 support. Just as each customer is different, similarly every host is also different. Each of them is so confident and assertive of their services, that it sometimes becomes difficult to draw a line, except for the economic variations, where you will find expensive solutions alongside other budget alternatives.

Well the extensive research is now over, and based on your evaluation, you have finally chosen the best provider for you. So is it done? Or actually there must be some final check to confirm if you are investing your real money into the right person. The bad news is that the only solution is to extend this leap of faith in to signing the contract. Unfortunately, most of the customers later realize how their hosting provider has silently slid away from all those persuasive claims. It’s time you wake up to confirm if your Web Host is really running your Web hosting plan.

Who is the real boss for your web hosting facilities?

As per a long-standing belief, the web provider holds the real control for your web hosting facilities. However, the Data Centre is usually unacknowledged. Actually, each of the shared web hosting, server hosting plan or the Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting runs on a server which is further located in a data centre. In other words, the features of a data centre will decide the uptime, stability and safety of your hosting facility and the mission-critical data. And the finest web hosting providers would own an effective and complete control over the apparatus employed to power your hosting service. As a result, before you buy a domain name, check if your hosting provider owns a data centre or operates from a minor facility.

Confirm for the quality of the support system

Another part of web hosting that is totally out of control of your web hosting provider is the customer service. Usually, hosting providers delegate the customer service and technical support to external providers. Such a form of outsourcing will certainly cost less, but it also lowers your support quality in the industry. Therefore, chances are that you might lose on your sales base due to inefficient customer support service. Also, don’t forget your claim for the 24/7 support system.

Hence, by hiring a hosting provider who has a direct control over the support system they offer, you can expect better services. Furthermore, you will be confident that the quick fix for your problems is just a phone call or an email away.

Participate actively in your web hosting

A hosting provider with a direct control over the support, data centre software and hardware will undoubtedly deliver quality services as you expect. But remember, you too should always control your hosting services. If you are someone who had hired a hosting provider and is now relaxing and waiting for your web host to bring miracles to your business or at worse whining about your host for not running your web host plan effectively, certainly you are the major cause for your loss. Your job simply does not finish with finding a hosting service. Instead you should explore the latest web hosting plans. When you keep yourself updated with the on-going trends, the chances of your web host not delivering quality will be considerably reduced.

Being cautious on these simple fronts before and after you buy a domain name, you can safeguard the smooth and beneficial running of your web hosting plan.

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