RIM CEO contemplates licensing BlackBerry 10

By on January 21st, 2013 at 2:09 PM | Mobiles

RIM CEO says that Licensing BlackBerry 10 may be an option

Research In Motion is planning to unveil BlackBerry 10 on January 30, with atleast two devices the X10 and Z10, but that’s not all, RIM CEO might be contemplating licensing of BlackBerry 10 for third party devices. The company has been struggling of late to be competitive in the smartphone market ruled by Apple and Google.

Thorsten Heins, RIM CEO, said in an interview to German Newspaper Die Welt(Translated) that:

Before you license the software, you must show that the platform has a large potential. First we have to fulfill our promises. If we are able to prove that, licensing is conceivable.

Licensing would allow other manufacturers to use BlackBerry 10 OS on their smartphones akin to what Microsoft is doing with Windows Phone. It presents a great opportunity for RIM to get back into profitability, but with the disadvantage of loosing control over its ecosystem.

When asked about the delay in bringing BB10 OS in the market, Thorsten Heins replied:

We have taken the time to build a platform that is future-proof for the next ten years. We see with BlackBerry 10, completely new areas of growth.

In regards to the number of apps in the recently rechristened “BlackBerry World” formerly “BlackBerry App World”, he said that its the quality and not the quantity of apps that matter. He added further that on even Android only about 50 percent of apps have been downloaded atleast once.

The struggling Canadian company is also considering a split in two, at one side will be the hardware business of RIM and the other its messaging network. RIM board may also consider outright sale of its hardware business. At present though all eyes are on the launch of BlackBerry 10, and see if it can be the turnaround RIM has been hoping for.

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