Nokia starts rolling out Windows Phone 7.8 update for its Lumia devices

By on January 31st, 2013 at 11:46 AM | Mobiles

Nokia rolls out Windows Phone 7.8 update to Lumia devices

So you’ve been waiting for taking the new home screen in Windows Phone 8 for a test ride, but were stuck with previous-gen Lumia devices like the Lumia 510, 610, 710,800 and 900, you are in luck. Nokia has finally started rolling out Windows phone 7.8 which brings the new Start/Home screen from Windows Phone 8 to the previous-gen Lumia devices with the capability to resize tiles in 3 different sizes which applies for greater customization. 

Nokia confirmed via a blog post that is has indeed started rolling out the much awaited update and will be continuing with the update through February. Windows Phone 7.8 also doubles the number of theme and accent colors to 20 and adds some new lock screen features such as the option to automatically display the Bing Picture of the Day plus the ‘A1B2C3’ PIN/password challenge to prevent accidental device wipes (full reset) on phones connected to Exchange accounts.

Although Nokia has not mentioned any specific dates, but be sure to keep a lookout for that update notification. At present there is no word from Samsung HTC or LG as to when they will start updating their previous-gen Windows Phone Mango devices.

Nokia has also accompanied the announcement with a video highlighting the features the new update will bring to the Lumia devices.

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