Google adds and then yanks off India from the countries that can sell paid apps in the Play Store

By on September 24th, 2012 at 3:08 PM | Mobiles News

It seems, Android Developers in India started celebrating too soon when they found India listed in the countries that can sell paid apps on the Play Store. In the image above you can see that Google added and then removed India within just a span of 2 days. Although no user was able to create the required Merchant Account, still there was a sliver of hope for one of the largest developer base for android. If you are an optimist you can think of this as the work of an eager developer at Google, who changed the page before it was supposed to, meaning it might be in the works. Or if you are like the rest 99 percent of us, it might just be a silly mistake that Google corrected once it got wind of it. Whatever the reason, for now, developers in India can go back to creating free ‘ad-supported’ apps.

Source: Google Support

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