Google+ Improves Mobile Website and Add SMS Notification

By on September 7th, 2012 at 11:06 AM | News

Google has updated its social networking venture Google+ mobile website and also added SMS notification. According to Google “Mobile sharing should be easy, and being away from your computer shouldn’t stop you from sharing the exciting moments in life.

Photo sharing, on the go
Now you can directly upload your photos from your Google+ mobile website so you can share experiences in real time. With Google+, you don’t need to rely on wires or cords to share your photos – you can quickly share life as it happens with friends and family.

Google+ Photo SharingGoogle+ Photo Sharing

SMS notification
No data, no problem. Now, you can stay up to date with Google+ via SMS if you don’t have a mobile data plan or Wi-Fi. It’s easy to enable SMS notifications the next time you’re online – verify your phone number from the settings page (gear icon) on the Google+ mobile website, and choose your notifications.

Google+ SMS Notification

One simple, beautiful experience 
To make sharing a beautiful, easy experience, Google given the mobile website a top to bottom visual refresh that simplifies things by making the features you love more prominent. Google added a common action bar on all pages to make easy to post updates or toggle between circles. If you like something, go ahead and +1 or reshare it directly from the stream.

Google+ Mobile New Navigation BarGoogle+ Mobile Social Circles

According to google, “The end result is a mobile website that lets you share the moments that matter, from any device, anywhere.”

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