Google+ is now open to all.

By on September 21st, 2011 at 9:10 AM | News

Google Plus in its initial avatar was just open to journalists and people working in the tech industry as well as the ones they invited. But now anyone can join in. Only caveat is that you have to be 18 years of age. Keep reading for what’s in-store.

Despite being in limited trial to users worldwide, Google Plus gathered a 10 Million users within a few weeks. Now it seems the number is somewhere around the 25 Million mark and since anyone can join now, its going to rise exponentially. Although it must be noted that the numbers of users actually publishing content on Google+ has decreased in the last few weeks, with talks that even Larry Page, Google’s CEO, isn’t bothered in posting publicly on their own Social Network.

Despite the disappointing outlook that it brings forth, Google+ has introduced a few new features.  Video hangouts are now available on your Android phones, so you can chat online on the go and see who you’re talking to. You can share what’s on your computer screen with whoever you’re talking to and also search within Google Plus, giving you access to socially shared information as well as what’s online. This is the implementation of the Social Search platform that Google was aiming at with Google Plus now in order. Cumulative recommendations about restaurants, movies would increase its importance in your social search results.

Facebook has been on its heels ever since the launch of Google+. To counter the threat Facebook recently introduces lists which mimic Google+’s Circles. only time will tell if Google’s new venture into the social strata would pay off after the failure of Buzz and Wave.

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