Google embraces Android Fragmentation. Devs around the world rejoice !

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Google has made a major change to the Android Market that would make the job of developers a lot easier who have been troubled by the fragmentation due to the various releases of Android. Android Fragmentation is a part of the OS, as it is released in newer versions , new set of API’s are exposed along with support for newer hardware and newer drivers. It is accentuated by the fact that a buyer can go into a mobile shop today and walk out with a brand-new device running on anything from Android 1.5 to Android 3.1, with a screen that varies from a tiny low-resolution single-touch resistive display to a high-definiton multi-touch display of more than 10 inches. But the new Android Market is about to change all that. Keep reading how !

Google has now modified the Android Market, so that multiple APK’s of the same app can be uploaded to suit the different platforms so that a single app may not have to handle all the different platforms and create havoc for the dev. Therefore, now when a user goes to install an app, the most appropriate version based on screen size, platform or other hardware will get installed.

Google’s Eric Chu had this to say on the recent changes:

When you upload multiple APK files, Android Market handles them as part of a single product listing that aggregates the app details, ratings, and comments across the APKs. All users who browse your app’s details page see the same product with the same description, branding assets, screenshots, video, ratings, and comments. Android Market also aggregates the app’s download statistics, reviews, and billing data across all of the APKs.

While this doesn’t address the core issue of fragmentation in the Mobile OS but still its a good step atleast for the dev community which has thrown its back behind Android, making it the most developed for platform. It is this continues support from Google for the Devs that will eventually win it the war for global smartphone domination against Apple’s closed ecosystem.

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