Apple unleashes OS X Lion for the “Post-PC Era”

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According to Steve Jobs we are living in the Post-PC Era and here comes OS X Lion just to prove that. Apple has now unleashed upon the masses a culmination of features from both iOS and OS X to form this new hybrid, OS X 10.7. Keep reading for what’s here on offer.


As many of might already know OS X Lion would be exclusively available from the Apple App Store. First you would need OS X 10.6 to do the upgrade. Then all you need to do is log in to the Mac App Store, pay $29 and start downloading. After patiently waiting a few hours ( its 3.74 GB Download) you will have an ‘Install Mac OS X Lion’ application in your Applications folder and on the Dock. You can start your installation from there.

The installation couldn’t be simpler. The installer backs-up all your applications and files and then proceeds with a clean install from a shadow partition. Only the apps that are incompatible are left behind.


Here’s where the influence of iOS on OS X is most profound. Here’s the big shocker, Lion scrolls the opposite way. So if you have the Magic Mouse, Trackpad or any other device, it will scroll in the opposite direction which is “Natural Scrolling” according to Apple.  This is because now instead of scrolling the content on a page you are scrolling the entire window or page by holding in , similar to iOS.

Plus the scrollbars exist no more, in case the content is greater than screen size they appear once to show that content exists beyond the screen size and then fade away. You also have several new tapping and swiping gestures which can be controlled from the Lion System preferences.


Its  one of the best features of OS X Lion. With Airdrop you can drag and drop files on any Mac that has its Wi-Fi on. Once you go to the Airdrop folder from the Finder Sidebar, it will show you all the Macs that have their Wi-Fi on nearby. They don’t even need to be on the same network. Once you drop a file it will popup a permission page, once granted, voila ! you are done.

Launchpad/Fullscreen apps

If any of you have ever used iOS, you would be familiar with homescreen which shows all launchable apps and can be customized with folders for easy access. Well the Launchpad is the same but for OS X.

You can click on the launchpad icon or use the shortcut to get to all your launchable apps. Another feature taken right out of iOS is fullscreen apps. Lion now features fullscreen mode for apps. You can right click on an icon at the top right of the window and it goes to fullscreen.

Versions/Auto Save

OS X Lion now features Versions, using which the documents are saved in multiple versions and can be accessed in a Time Machine format that has become very popular. Lion Auto saves your content while you are editing it and when you open the document you will be able to see all the versions previously saved.

In addition to that OS X Lion also saves the current state of all open applications even on shutdown, so when you launch the app again you are at the same place where you left off last time.  Pretty neat !

Mission Control

Mission control in Lion is a new way to manage your open applications. By accessing Mission Control you are given a view into all your open applications and documents along with your virtual desktops.

These are represented by screenshots of the open apps and documents along with the icon of the parent application. Its a great new feature that combines the power of Exposé, Spaces and Dashboard.

Should you upgrade ?

OS X Lion is a worthy upgrade, atleast for $29. It doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to the table for being called the “World’s Most Advanced OS”. But as an upgrade it brings some good features. There are kinks with this release as with every other but nothing that can be considered a deal breaker. The inverted scrolling now being called “Natural Scrolling” may take some time to get used to and the compatibility updates will take some time.  But for now , go for it only if you have a backup machine ready to take over.

Download : Apple App Store

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