This is Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 phone. Did I say that right ?

By on June 25th, 2011 at 2:11 PM | Mobiles News

Well well, what do we have here. Its Mr. Stephen Elop asking everyone to switch off their cameras and other recording devices to show a brand new device. This is how he began and of course nobody was going to listen and here we are with the first pics of a working Nokia Windows Phone and a video as well. At present its “super confidential” and codenamed “Sea Ray”. Hit the story after the break for more pics the complete video showing the delicious Mango filling inside.

The device oddly resembles the N9 in almost every aspect, as highlighted by Stephen Elop as well. Essentially he said that the innovation with N9 is not going to waste as it is transitioning to the Windows Phone 7 device we see here. The most important thing to note here apart from the different positioning of the Camera flash and an extra button on the side, is that it does not have the traditional three button layout of a Windows Phone that we have become used to. Maybe Microsoft has given some leeway to Nokia for tinkering with the user interface as there is no hint of even capacitive or soft touch buttons.

For those of you who were drooling at the sight of the N9 and wished that you had it but only with Windows Phone 7, your wish has been granted.

Source : Technet

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