The new Google profile page, Google Me here we come !

By on March 11th, 2011 at 4:22 AM | News

Google has added the new profile page for all account holders. The new re-design (ahem! Facebook Profile anyone.) is quite different from the previous and is now searchable (though you can change your preferences regarding that).

Google continues to add such small elements to their upcoming social layer that would provide an alternative to rival platform Facebook.

In the blog posting about the release of the new Profile Page, Google said:

We think this new design helps highlight the information that’s most important to you, making it easier for people who visit your profile to get to know you. As the new layout gradually rolls out, current users of Google Profiles will notice that their existing profile will automatically update to the new style. To update and add to your profile, simply click on the new “Edit Profile” button.

social networking strategy on the cards is what Google’s newest release as Google New Profile simply suggests, at least in the first look. What, actually this will nurture into is something only time will tell.

Source : Google

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