Google Music internal testing is on.

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Reports have been coming in that employees at Google have begun a process commonly called dog-fooding, in which employees try out a new service or product. Its not hard to  tie 2 and 2 together with the report that an XDA developer found the Google Music service as part of a Honeycomb build. Read on for more information.

Last year, there were rumors that Google would launch the cloud based Music service by fall. Then, that date got pushed back to the end of the year. The reason was that Google still didn’t have all the licenses it needed. Now, it seems Google is on its way to tying it all together.

The big record companies have never licensed a cloud-music service and agreements had to be created from scratch, according to record industry insiders. Google Music would offer music downloads as well as streaming subscriptions. The service could easily be tied with Youtube and Google’s own mighty search engine to provide a seamless experience.

Its no wonder considering the backdrop of tumbling of sales, layoffs, CD-plant closures, and declining consumer interest in downloads that everyone’s thrilled with Google’s entry into digital-music distribution.

The bottom line is that only Google has the might to challenge iTunes. Google being one of the most powerful advertising companies of all time has a history of providing consumers access to sought-after content. Google can also combine the digital-music service with  its android operating system, providing another dimension to the service.

Let’s see if this new ecosystem is enough to bring people back to digital music subscriptions.

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