The Motorola Atrix 4G: The next revolution in Mobile Phones, with dual core Tegra2 architecture

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The crazy docking Motorola Atrix 4G is just not beautiful to look at but indeed is one of the fastest smartphones “not” available today. Speaking of specs its equipped with a full GB of memory and 16GB of NAND, and is based on the the Tegra 2 framework from NVidia. Its unique feature though is it can be docked into a custom ultra thin notebook chassis and used to drive the notebook. Motorola calls this its webtop dock. Read on past the break for more pics and video.

Build quality is very good, as we’d expect from a Motorola device. The QHD (960 x 540) display is gorgeous and the phone feels ultra snappy, thanks to the dual-core processor running Froyo. In fact, despite still running preliminary firmware, it got a blazing 2,616 score on the Quadrant test. The power button at the top back of the Atrix 4G also serves as a fingerprint reader, and there’s a dual-LED flash flanking the 5 megapixel camera.

The HD multimedia dock features a power connector, three USB ports, and an HDMI output, along with an infrared remote. It turns the Atrix 4G into both a multimedia center, and at desktop PC when connected to a TV / monitor and keyboard / mouse.

The laptop dock features a 11.6-inch display, two USB ports, a very nice chiclet keyboard, and a comfortably-sized trackpad with two-finger scrolling. It’s super thin and light, and made of a lovely mix of aluminum and plastic. The Atrix 4G docks on the back left edge of the device, behind the display.

The Webtop app essentially turns the Atrix 4G into a full blown PC, complete with windowed UI, an Mac OS X-like application dock, a full version of Firefox with Flash 10.1 support, a file manager, and Citrix remote desktop support (shown connected to a PC running Windows 7 full screen).

Also when you’re done with webtop mode, simply close the lid and your phone returns to normal. Motorola saves the state of your webtop so when you dock your phone again you get the exact same windows open as you had previously. Motorola insists that your webtop state is saved regardless of what you do to the phone as long as you don’t remove the battery – implying the webtop state is saved to NAND.

At first impressions this indeed is the future of convergence of our devices, its not just for geeks but its usability can make it a consumer success. Its snappy and hey with its Webtop Dock you can use it as a netbook as well. Not a bad deal. But this is indeed first of its kind, there will be certain issues which would eventually come to light. Till then this is the best Android Mobile Phone to come from the stable of Moto and no wonder it was the Winner of best of CES ‘2011 . Head over to the source link for a complete overview with many videos over at Motorola.

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