Samsung Galaxy Tablet spotted in the wild(Video)

By on August 23rd, 2010 at 12:17 PM | Tablets

The end of the year will offer us a flood of unprecedented proportions. The tablets are all coming to make the most of the holiday season and to try to crush Apple’s iPad in the process.

The 7-inch Android tablet we’ve already heard so much about, has just been spotted in Australia as it looks like the device is currently in field-testing (but luckily kept out of bars) and we have a video that shows you the device in action. Watch the video after the break.

As you can clearly see, the tablet in this video looks similar to what we’ve seen before although there’s no clear shot at the tablet or its screen for us to actually see what’s going on . The guy using it will not reveal any secrets either as he’s apparently not at liberty to say anything about the unreleased product.

The Galaxy Tab is “awesome” and “different” than the iPad and will probably have plenty of fans once it comes out. The Tab is expected to hit stores at some point in November and we can surely assume that it will be available with worldwide carriers once launched. What would you pay for a 7-inch tablet that would run Android (hopefully Froyo) and sporting a 1GHz processor? Think of it as a larger Samsung Galaxy S before you answer. Would you pay $299 with a data contract? Does that seem like a viable subsidized price for a Samsung Tab tablet?

Vodafone is already getting the Galaxy Tab listed in its internal system and Verizon will probably introduce this device to its customers. And considering that this particular Tab has been spotted in Australia, we can only assume that similar tests are being performed in multiple worldwide markets.

Source: Electronista

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