Antennagate, Apple Conference on Reception Issues of iPhone 4. Steve Jobs: What issues ???

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We were holding our breath for the press conference by Apple to formally put a closure over the much hyped and debated issue of the iPhone 4 antenna issues.

The press conference began with Steve Jobs(who else !) coming up on stage with oodles of data showcasing how this much hyped reception issue isn’t an iPhone 4 exclusive. Without revealing dropped call related statistics (which AT&T wasn’t keen to divulge due to competitive concerns) Jobs went on to reveal numbers that make the iPhone 4 seem a victim of bad press. Here are some of the important points that Jobs emphasized upon during the course of the conference.

  • Only 0.55 of all iPhone 4 users have contacted Apple with a reception issue.
  • The iPhone 4 drops less than one more call per 100 calls when compared to the iPhone 3GS.
  • The iPhone 4 has a return rate of just 1.4% compared to the 3GS’ 6.0%
  • All Smartphones have weak spots. (Including the iPhone)
  • The iOS4 4.0.1 update released on July 15 fixes the antenna bar and the Exchange bug
  • The reception issues have been blown out of proportion

Steve Jobs also took this opportunity to claim that even their competitors’ phones including the likes of the BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC Droid Eris, and Samsung Omnia II can be affected by this left handed grip issue. Jobs showed pictures of the phenomenon which can be viewed at the source link.

That said, Apple will also give away free Bumper cases to users who would want one. This is because the case apparently solves the “non-existant” reception issue. For those of you who already spent your money on the case, there is a refund coming your way. Still not happy? There’s more. Apple is also offering a full refund on your phone if you return your iPhone within 30 days of purchase. This one isn’t actually a new offer. Apple had earlier announced this in their earlier “Letter regarding the iPhone 4” release on July 2.

Another interesting thing about the refund is the fact that it would be valid only for all iPhone’s purchased until September 30, 2010. Another theory that has come is the possibility of Apple actually tending to the issue and solve the issue once and for all – which basically means an updated iPhone. After-all, the iPhone 4 would continue to sell post the September 30 deadline. At the moment all Steve Jobs has said is that they will “examine” the situation then.

To tell you the truth, we weren’t impressed by this stunt; this is indeed again a slap across the face of the so called Apple Fanboys. Although Jobs continued his monologue saying that they love their customers, we hardly believe this is what a consumer oriented company should behave like. But who are we to say anything, people are still flocking to purchase or even get a glimpse of the new iPhone. All in all, I think its time to move on !

Coudn’t help myself (Sheepish Grin) !!!

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